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Help clinics across Africa improve efficiency and patient safety by digitalizing their workflow

Less than 50 % of Africans have access to modern health facilities.
We are on a mission to change that.

With our E-Health solution, tailor-made for the African markets, we help clinics to digitalize their workflow. They can then improve their quality of service, by ensuring an easily accessible and consistent medical history for each patient. This frees up time spent searching for paper files, to be spent treating more patients. Since the clinics lack financial resources, they are dependent on donations to be able to invest in infrastructure and technology. Together we can solve that. Join us and let's make quality healthcare accessible for everyone.

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The Challenges

An unacceptably high number of people die in Africa every year of diseases that can be prevented or treated with timely healthcare.
Paper-based medical records, reporting and stock management are predominant in African clinics. Some of the consequences of this are lost medical records, long queues, slow service, fraud and theft of material and drugs. Most importantly, lost time - which instead could be used to treat patients.

Our Impact

"We use MedCardApps for all our operations"

See how Nansibankya Clinic in Kampala, Uganda and Flama Clinic in Gulu, Uganda are using MedCardApps to track operations, improve the quality of service and reduce waiting times by up to 45 %

Our Projects

"After having seen how people were treated at other hospitals, I decided to open Mola Medical Centre. It was a complicated time back then, right after the Civil War. I wanted to offer fair prices and better service. Patients started to pour in"

- Dr. Francis, Mola Medical Centre

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Our Mission

"We know when information is easily accessible, doctors and nurses are able to provide better care and treatment for their patients. That's why we are dedicated to keep developing and making our eHealth solution available to all medical facilities in Africa"

MedCardApps’ CEO Phillip Kilara is from Uganda and his own experiences from the Ugandan healthcare system are the reason MedCardApps exists today. The Electronic Health Record system developed by the company is designed especially for the African Markets and manages the complete workflow of a typical clinic, including the patients, from arrival until sent home.

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